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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Eyebags – How can we get rid of this?

The accumulation of fat below the eyes is common as we age. This will make us look tired and older. We can remove them through surgery and also tighten the skin below the eyes. This is done under local anesthesia and is safe.

2. Droopy upper eyelids – My eyes are getting smaller as I grow older. What can I do?

Droopy upper eyelids will definitely occur when we age. The whole skin on forehead with the eyebrows descends, causing the upper eyelid to pile up and overhang on the eyes.

This is best done by fixing the descending skin on the forehead and eyebrows using the Endoscopic Forehead lift. If the eyelids need further improvement after the forehead lift, we can have them done easily. Mere fixing of upper eyelids will not help in the long run.

3. My eyelids are small, what can I do?

Small eyelids can be due to muscle weakness called ptosis. It can be mild but noticeable as there are differences in eye sizes. It can be corrected by strengthening the muscles and creating a double eyelid which will certainly make the eyes bigger. A good upper eyelid surgery will certainly give a good fold and makes the eyes bigger.

4. Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) My nose is broad and low, what can I do to improve my appearance?

Flat nose can be enhanced with a carefully selection of nasal prosthesis. For broad or flared nostrils, it can be corrected by positioning or removing excess or overhanging tissues.

5. Post-acne scarring – My facial skin is severely scarred by the bad acne (pot-marks) when I was young and now I want to improve it. What is the best treatment?

We use a combination of lasers to resurface the skin and after a few sessions, depending on the severity, noticeable results can be seen.

6. Facial pigmentation I start getting the pigmentation typically on the cheek bone and is getting worse. What is the best treatment for me?

The combination of the pigment laser called the Nd-Yag and topical application will help to improve this condition called melasma. However, one must avoid the sun by using appropriate sun blocks.

7. I am getting old with droopy deep cheek lines and jowls. Can someone help me?

You can consider the minimally invasive endoscopic surgery and fixation with the latest Endotine Fixation device. It just requires small incisions within the scalp hairlines.

8. My neck is getting saggy and hangs down. Please help me.

Your situation can be improved by a neck lift and fixing the released soft tissues using the Endotine Fixation device.

9. My breast is getting saggy especially after having children. What treatment can I seek?

If there is not much droopiness, a well selected anatomical cohesive gel will solve your problem. If it is very severe, then a breast lift can help you but there will be some degree of scarring.

10. My breasts are small but I do not want operation and implant. What is the next alternative?

Well you can consider the filler to augment your breasts but this is temporary and needs top-up yearly. It is also costly because of the amount of fillers used.

11. My tummy is destroyed after pregnancy it is loose, wrinkled and there are many stretch marks. Can you help me?

Yes we can consider a liposuction to remove any accumulated fat and then perform a tummy-tuck to tighten the tummy muscles and remove the excess skin with stretch marks.

12. My arms are too big and I cannot wear short sleeve clothing. Can you help me?

Your condition can be improved with a well performed liposuction which removes the excess fat and also tighten the loose skin. This will then encourage you to wear your desired clothing.

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